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The India Stack is a technology stack consisting of open APIs launched by the Govt of India. The idea is that established and startup enterprises can use these APIs to build innovative solutions focused on improving access to services for the general population.

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The set of open API for developers includes –

  • Aadhaar – verify individual with an Aadhaar number
  • eKYC – digitize the KYC process – includes all docs that have been generated
  • Digilocker – Digital lockers for storing and sharing verified digital documents
  • eSign – e-signatures – software based as against the present dongle based e-signs
  • UPI – The Unified Payments Interface which rides on top of the National Payment Corporation of India’s Immediate Payment System.

Salient Features

  • Has 4 technology layers –
    • Presenceless layer – universal biometric digital identity allows individual to enjoy any service provided anywhere in the country.
    • Paperless layer – digital records move with an individual’s digital identity eliminating need to capture and store vast amounts of paper records.
    • Cashless layer – single interface to all the country’s bank accounts and wallets.
    • Consent layer – allows data to move freely and securely to democratize the market for data.
  • Supports creating India specific solutions – ask any MNC how difficult it is to develop services/products in India that are not customized heavily for our needs.
  • Allows solutions/services to be deployed for large sections of the population instantly.

iSPIRIT teamed up with a number of partners to hold the Build on India Stack competition in Aug ’17. This event was held for shortlisted early stage ventures to pitch to leading investors and thinkers in the Indian startup eco-system.

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