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Second India Investment Seminar, China – Updated

Update – Congratulations to Sattviko and Home Capital in our delegation for raising funding from Venture Gurukool (our funding partner) and other marquee angel investors (eg. Singapore Angel Network). The news adds to the success of the Second Investment Seminar and we look forward to continuing to work with you guys.


Congratulations to our member startups who participated in the Second India Investment Seminar in China !!

All events for the Second Investment Seminar in China are done. The events were mostly conducted at the Indian Missions in Shanghai and Beijing. 400+ Chinese investors attended the events and we expect this year’s edition will be more successful than the one last year.

400+ Chinese Investors came to meet 20 innovative Indian startups in the Indian Missions in China.

Mr Mahendra Swarup, our Chairman, was in China for this Seminar. He shared some glimpses.

The events were planned to expose Chinese venture capitalists and investors to 20 promising Indian startups.  The Indian startups came from our member-base across many industries like Travel, Rental Solutions and Shopping/Marketing. Chinese firms have extensive experience in the sectors the Indian startups were operating in. The events were also great opportunities to setup strategic partnerships.

We want to thank the Govt of India, Invest India, Khaitan and Co, Zhunguancun Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (ZVCA), Beluga Global, all our Chinese partners and our Investing partner Venture Gurukool for their support in setting up the events.

Khaitan and Co was the official Knowledge Partner for these events. Mr Kartick Maheshwari (Partner) gave an overview of the regulatory landscape in India.

Speakers at the events included officials from the Govt of India, Khaitan and Co, KPMG India, leading Chinese Funds

We also want to thank our other speakers including Mr Prashant Lokhande (Counselor – Economic and Commerce), Mr Jason Wang (President ZVCA), Ms Joanna Hao (Beluga Global), Mr Acqino Vimal (Deputy Chief of Mission), Mr Zheng Bin (CEO of ICBC India), Mr Ashish Wadhwani (Ivy Cap Ventures), Mr Pei- Fu Hsieh (01 VC), Mr. Pan Song (QiGoal Capital), Mr Mahendra Swarup (Startup India Association’s Chairman) and Mr. Gurpreet Singh (ATM Ventures).

In the coming months the team will follow-up on the ‘soft’ commitments and the partnership discussions during the events. The events were widely covered by the media in China and back home.


Media Coverage


Our esteemed panel of speakers were excited by the near-perfect fit, proximity, massive scale, common cultural elements and growing internet penetration that India and China share. Many of the Indian initiatives were lauded as ‘investor friendly’ (eg. the ambitious Smart Cities project of the Govt of India that will show a lot of progress in five years).

In the Beijing event the Invest India, KPMG and Venture Gurukool report “Startup Business Landscape in India” was launched. This report gives a comprehensive view of the Indian startup ecosystem and the tremendous investment potential. The report was unveiled by Mr Acquino Vimal (Deputy Chief of Mission –  Embassy of India, Beijing), Mr Prashant Lokhande  (Counsellor – Economic & Commerce – Embassy of India, Beijing), Mr Rajesh Parihar (First Secretary – Economic & Commerce – Embassy of India, Beijing), Mr Mahendra Swarup (Chairman, Startup India Association) and Mr Pratik Adhikari (Partner, KPMG India).

The scope of the events did not cover Chinese startups but the need for bilateral collaboration was discussed. Many Chinese startups are also looking to expand to International markets and events like these can build business and partnerships in one of the world’s fastest growing, stable economies.

Glimpses of the Events

Do Indian Startups Need Access to Public Markets (like NSE-EMERGE platform for SMEs)

A lot of people don’t know about NSE’s Emerge and ITP platforms – Emerge is for SMEs, ITP is for start-ups.

These platforms provide funding benefits (better valuation because of the access to public markets, alternative for fund raising) but, according to our discussions, they havent helped many startups.

Our friends at Inc42 Media have written a great article on this. They have listed many of the challenges the ITP platform has like regulation changes by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) and the requirement of being profitable before listing. BSE also has launched their SME platform but has postponed a similar platform for start ups.

Do Indian start-ups need a platform to access the public markets?

Let us know your thoughts – we have partners focused on funding

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